Clamour - Music by Benjamin Tassie, Film by Adila Golam Rassoude

Ahead of the culmination of our MECHANIKA competition on October 16th in the Brunel Tunnel Shaft, we wanted to introduce some of the incredibly talented composers and visual artists that we will be showcasing, and to find out a little more about their projects. Here’s an interview with composer Benjamin Tassie (who has worked with us before on his brilliant piece ‘Spheres’) and digital designer Adila Golam Rassoude about their piece ‘Clamour’...

How would you sum up the overall character of your piece?
Our work Clamour is about movement, motion, and industrialism. It explores these through fast rhythmic music, and through ever-changing visual material.

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How much would you say your piece is inspired by the venue where it will be performed?

The work relates to the functionality of the Brunel tunnel; its basis in industrial utility. Drawing on ideas of transportation, and of journey, much of the film footage is taken from moving vehicles. The musical material is rhythmic, with small-cell repetition and interlocking rhythmic phrases generating a sense of drive and mechanical motion. Electronic timbres redolent of industrial music (SPK, Kraftwerk) draw connections between the industrialism of various ages, into our own.

And are there any 'non-mechanical' elements to the visuals or music?
There are moments when naturalistic footage draws the viewer’s eye upward toward the sky, heightening the feeling of descent, darkness and industrialism of the shaft. This is most literally presented in shots taken from descending lifts, or footage of clouds through trees. The organic material is transformed through digital processes (kaleidoscopic post-production, for example), referencing the idea of nature as manipulated through industry. In the music this naturalism is presented through delicate string melodies, juxtaposed with the electronic synths.

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To find out more about Benjamin and Adila’s work, please visit their websites below:

Benjamin Tassie, Composer

Adila Gola Rassoude, Digital Designer