Not the Nutcracker

Not the Nutcracker - Music by Pete Yelding Film by Tom Venner Woodcock

Ahead of the culmination of our MECHANIKA competition on October 16th in the Brunel Tunnel Shaft, we wanted to introduce some of the incredibly talented composers and visual artists that we will be showcasing, and to find out a little more about their projects. Here’s an interview with composer Pete Yelding, and animator Tom Venner Woodcock about their piece ‘Not the Nutcracker’...

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So how would you describe the content of the film, and what are you using as your main subject/character?
In this piece we will be using the medium of film as a means of choreographing the movements of a corkscrew and a nut cracker suspended from a piece of string. By looking at the mechanics of every day objects and abstracting their functions, we’re interested in beginning to engage with the theatrical and musical potential of our surroundings.

And what about the music Pete? Should we expect Tchaikovsky?!
Well, I will be isolating some of the material from the famous ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ in the tape part of the piece, and stretching it so it almost becomes static. But that is probably about as far as it goes!

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And have you had the venue in mind when creating this piece?
Absolutely! The two parts will be displayed on separate screens at either end of the tunnel shaft. The performers will be positioned in the space so they can see both. Instead of the two parts running chronologically and separately, they will interrupt each other, at times overlapping. This will create an immersive environment that fits well within the space. It will also ensure that the film and music have no option but to work symbiotically as they inform each other and the players use the film as a score.

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To find out more about Pete and Tom’s work, please visit their websites below:

Pete Yelding, Composer

Tom Venner Woodcock, Filmmaker