SCRATCH_ME (DIZ_CO) - A live scratching experience. Movement by control. You are my puppet.
During the interval of our MECHANIKA event October 16th in the Brunel Tunnel Shaft, we’re excited to welcome visual artist, DIZ_CO, for an interactive installation. Here’s a short interview to give you more of a clue of what to expect...

So, how will you be using this unique space?
I will be using a type of video scratching that i've developed to capture live small segments of live footage of audience members, recorded against a small black backdrop, and 'animating' the resulting clips by video scratching, to be presented on the three screens in the venue, + overlaying multiple animations.
I'll use the technique to create 'un-natural' movement that has elements of stop-motion animation, but only because i'm playing god with the performers. ie: i'm controlling their every move by the video scratching FX.

And is there any musical/audio element to the piece?
I'll be recording the audio from the clips through a mic, so that the audio from those clips can create a soundtrack for the installation.
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Have you worked on any similar projects before?

I'm creating a series of projects that use a type of video scratching that i've developed. Check out the following link:

Tickets are now sold out, but please email to add your name to the waiting list.

To find out more about DIZ_CO’s work, follow the links below:
DIZ_CO create digital art from analogue stuff