The Penny Drops

The Penny Drops - Music by Adi Chase, Animation by Vivien Chan & Rosa Fisher

Ahead of the culmination of our MECHANIKA competition on October 16th in the Brunel Tunnel Shaft, we wanted to introduce some of the incredibly talented composers and visual artists that we will be showcasing, and to find out a little more about their projects. Here’s an interview with composer Adi Chase and animators Vivien Chan and Rosa Fisher about their piece ‘The Penny Drops’...

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So, did the history of Brunel and the tunnel inspire your project at all?
Completely! We thought of the idea from reading about the space and it was especially cemented when we went to visit. We were interested in the initial purpose of the tunnel before it became part of the London Underground intrigued us and we liked the relationship between people and this tunnel. We loved the fact that ‘paying a penny’ to visit gave opportunities to all kinds of people.

And how did the space influence your music Adi, aside from the overall concept of the project?
Firstly, I wanted to take the audience back in time with the music. Therefore the musical material relates to Victorian music, Ethiopean traditional music, contemporary music/sfx, linking to the shaft itself. I also wanted to use the space as a central character in the music and animation itself by experimenting with the relationship between the physical and the non-physical and thinking carefully about how the sound would react with the space. The instrumentation has been influenced by the space itself, with transparent, hazy sounds rather than potentially harsh and muddy sounding instrumentation.

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And did you think about this relationship between physical/non-physical in the visual side of thing, Vivien and Rosa?

We’re interested in showing the hidden aspects of the tunnel, revealing the history, the structure, and the lives that it has created and affected within it. We want to give the space a voice and personality within itself, and therefore the animation will be using layers of shadows and film.
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